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Financial Requirements

Career Star covers tuition for college-level courses up to 18 credits. Running Start state funding will cover the first 15 credits. For students who qualify for their home high schools free and reduced lunch program, this 15 credit limit does not apply. If students do not qualify for free or reduced lunch then the Highline College Career Start program will cover the additional 1 to 3 credits per quarter.

Student's Financial Responsibility

You will be responsible for the costs of books, student center fee, special course/lab fees, and any other applicable fees. Student center and courses/lab Fees are covered for those who are eligiable for free and reduce lunch at their home high school. Approximate costs are:

Books Approximately $75 to $200 per class
All applicable fees see Fee schedule
Parking Permit Varies, depends on credits enrolled. See fees.
Metro Bus ORCA pass reimbursement See website

Running Start Financial Assistances

Running Start Book Assistance & Waiver for Course & Mandatory Fees

If you are a foster youth or qualify for the free or reduced lunch program through your high school, Highline provides waivers for Running Start course and mandatory fees, book assistance for a portion of the textbook costs, and tuition for college credits that exceed your Running Start Enrollment Verification form eligibility. To apply, complete the Running Start Assistance Application and submit it to Highline's High School Programs office by the deadlines stated on the application.

Workforce Education Services Assistance (This opiton is available for student pursing their AAS Degrees only)

Workforce BFET funding will help students who qualify for Federal basic food assitance with books and public transportation