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Does the AAS degree transfer to a 4 year degree?


This is not a yes or no answer; it is more complicated than that, the intent of an AAS degree is to prepare oneself for employment immediately upon completion. However, students have the option to continue their education with the purpose of completing their 4 year degree in a number of different ways.

Upside Down Degree

The usual route to a BA degree calls for general education in the first two years and specialization in the last two years.  An Upside-Down BA program gives students an option to reverse this process. The Upside Down Degree program is a process that will allow you to transfer your approved technical degree as a block of 90 credits. There are several 4 year colleges in Washington State that offer Upside Down Degrees.

Articulation Agreements:

Many of Washington state community and technical colleges now have Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees (BAS), toward which a related Assoicates of Applied Science Degree can be applied. Highline College has 5 BAS degrees which include: Cyersecurity and Forensics, Respiratory Care, Global trade and Logistics, Teaching and Early Learning, and Youth Development. Please visit the following website for more information on Highline College's BAS Degrees

Many of our professional technical programs have specific articulation agreements with 4 year colleges. Please contact the coordinator of the program for more information.

Examples of Articulation agreements:

Interior Design, Drafting Design and Visual Communications with additional course work have a specific articulation agreement with Lake Washington Institute of Technology in the Bachelor of Technology in Applied Design.

The Paralegal program has articulation agreements with University of Phoenix, and Seattle Pacific University.